Ground Washers Create an Electrically Common Path to Ground

The preferred UPS design offers a wider footprint with a low center of gravity and an inner cabinet framework built with at least 11 gauge steel. To achieve this, the isolation transformers are typically placed in the lowest level of the cabinet. The enclosure panels and doors should not be lighter than 16 gauge steel and should contain reinforcing ribs or bracing.

Ground Straps Should be Used on Hinged Panels

The UPS cabinet should be assembled using ground washers or straps to allow the entire cabinet to be one common electrical ground path. The enclosure should also provide a means to securely anchor the cabinet to the floor and/or wall. A properly grounded, rigid steel enclosure offers the highest protection for the critical load and UPS components.

11Ga Welded Steel Framework

If disaster strikes, having a robust UPS to rely on will be a welcomed quality. Evaluate how the UPS is constructed during your selection process to ensure the UPS will be there when you need it most.