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Providing Uninterruptible Power for:
Industrial - Petrochemical - Communications - Emergency Services - Utilities - Banks - Data Centers - Hospitals - Phone Systems -
Chemical Processes - Computers - Pulp and Paper - Tire - Glass - Textile - Distributive Central Systems - Lighting - Automotive
Manufacturing - Oil and Gas Pipeline Controls - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - and more…
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Made in USA
Series 1000 Inverters
Industrial sizing from 1-10KVa
Rack and Floor mount units offered
Harsh-Environment models available
Single Phase Output
24, 48, and 120VDC Battery links
Series 1000 UPS Systems
ProUPS Inverters
Industrial sizing from 10-300KVa
Floor Mount
Single and Three Phase Output
120, 240, 360, 400V, 480VDC Battery link
ProUPS Third Rail Inverters
Industrial sizing from 10-100KVa
350-850 VDC input for rail applications
Floor Mount
Single and Three Phase Output
With or Without Internal Static Switch
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