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Providing Uninterruptible Power for:
Industrial - Petrochemical - Communications - Emergency Services - Utilities - Banks - Data Centers - Hospitals - Phone Systems -
Chemical Processes - Computers - Pulp and Paper - Tire - Glass - Textile - Distributive Central Systems - Lighting - Automotive
Manufacturing - Oil and Gas Pipeline Controls - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - and more…
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UPS Systems Inverters Static Switches Frequency and Phase Converters
Series 1000 Rack and Floor Mount Inverters
Single Phase Output
1 - 10 KVA
Series 1000 Inverters
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3-10KVA 120VDC
Rack/Floor Mount
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3-10KVA 120VDC
Floor Mount
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Other options include:
  • External rack or wall mounted bypass switch
  • Separate bypass input
  • Floor Mount Feet (for rack systems)
  • Digital meter panels
  • Frequency meters
  • Surge suppression
  • Forward Transfer
  • Alarm extension
  • ABS Certification Available
10KVA 48VDC Rack/Floor
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1-5KVA 24/48VDC
Rack/Floor Mount
Made in USA
The reliable and versatile Series 1000 Inverters from LTI provide clean,
uninterruptible AC Power to loads such as central phone systems, PCs,
testing equipment, alarm monitors, security systems, and other critical AC
powered devices.  The space saving rack mount inverter design is well
suited for telecom and data processing installations.  
These inverters use discrete logic technology that
allows the systems to continue to operate in
environments with high levels of RFI and noise nearby
the system.  They are harsh enough to be used in
power plants, but operate quietly enough to be used in
an office environment.  
3-5KVA Harsh Environment
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