LTI Maintenance Bypass Switches
Providing Uninterruptible Power for:
Industrial - Petrochemical - Communications - Emergency Services - Utilities - Banks - Data Centers - Hospitals - Phone Systems -
Chemical Processes - Computers - Pulp and Paper - Tire - Glass - Textile - Distributive Central Systems - Lighting - Offshore Drilling - Oil
and Gas Pipeline Controls - Water Treatment -  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Security Systems and more…
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Wall or Rack Mount Maintenance/Manual
Bypass Switches
LTI's Industrial Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBS) are a
great addition to any UPS, Inverter, or Static Switch package.   
The ability to wrap around the system during maintenance or
service is priceless in the event of an emergency.  We offer a
wide variety of custom types, sizes, and configurations for all

Switch sizing ranges from 50A thru 700A and each will be
configured with auxiliary contacts, compression type terminal
blocks, and appropriate labeling.  
2 Position Wall Mount Rotary MBS

  • Rotary Style: 2, 3, 4, and 5 position
  • 3-Breaker Style

  • Make-before-Break (most common)
  • Break-before-Make (less common)
  • Electromechanical Interlock Provision
  • Padlock Provision
  • Voltage Ratings up to 600V
  • Internal Fusing
  • Neutral Bus Bars
  • Grounding Lugs
  • Custom Escutcheon Plates/Position Names
  • Warning Labels
  • Wall or Rack Mount NEMA1 Enclosures
  • Powder Coated ANSI 61 Grey
  • 'Safe-to-Transfer' Indicator Lamp w/Fuse
  • Auxiliary Contacts
  • 15A/20A Output Receptacles
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Wall Mount 3 Position MBS
3 Position Rotary MBS
Escutcheon Plate & Handle
3-Breaker Style MBS with
Kirk key Interlock
2 Position Rack Mount Rotary MBS
with Output Receptacles
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