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Series 1000 Rack and Floor Mount UPS
Single Phase Output
3 - 18 KVA
Series 1000 True Online UPS
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3-18KVA Floor Mount
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3-9KVA Rack Mount
The LTI Series 1000 line of True Online UPS has been proven to
be the most versatile UPS for many years.  From office
environments to hazardous shop environments, these systems
can take abuse.  Utilizing total input to output isolation, the LTI
Power Systems double conversion true online UPS converts
the contaminated incoming power into a regulated and filtered
DC.  This DC is then used to charge the batteries and is
reconstructed into a new isolated and clean alternating current
(AC).  This pure AC is continuously supplied to your critical
load, extending its service life by providing protection against
lightning strikes, brownouts, blackouts, and surges.  

Series 1000 Basic Info:
  • Industrial sizing from 3-18KVa
  • True Online, Double Conversion
  • Rack and Floor mount units offered
  • Harsh-Environment models available (Floor mount)
  • 1PH-in/1PH-out and 3PH-in/1PH-out
  • 120 and 360VDC Battery link voltages
  • 50 / 60Hz available
  • Internal or External Battery options
  • Seismic Zone 4 Construction
  • NEMA1 Enclosures with optional filtration and gaskets
  • Customizable to your specs
  • UL Listed
3-6KVA Harsh Environment
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       Easy to operate, User friendly display
       Office or Offshore compatibility
       Generator-compatible rectifier input
       Fast recovery industrial grade charger
       20+ year design life
       Pure sine wave output
       Extremely quiet operation
       True double conversion technology       
       Handles 5:1 crest factor
       True zero-break transfers
       Less than 1% output THD
       Redundant fault-tolerant circuitry
       Variable Speed Fans
       Kilowatt-power rated
       Low Maintenance
       Air Filtration (Certain models only)
       316 Stainless Steel Cabinet (H Models)
       Full-load rated static switch
       ABS Certification available
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Other common add-ons include:
  • External Rack or Wall Mounted Bypass
  • Internal Bypass Switch
  • External Wall-mounted DC Disconnect
  • Customizable Battery Runtimes
  • Input or Output Receptacles
  • Input or Output Line Cords or Plugs
  • 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet (H models)
  • Manual Transfer Pushbutton
  • Cold-Start / Pre-charge Switch
  • Dual Input Kit (Allows for another bypass
  • Digital Frequency meter
  • Emergency Power Off Switch (EPO)
  • Customized Output Distribution Panels
  • Surge Suppression Kit
  • Conformal Coating on Circuit Boards
  • DC Ground Fault Detection Kit
  • Form C Alarm Relay Interface Contacts
  • SNMP Network Communications Kit
  • Drip Shield (H models)
  • Customized Nameplate Set
  • Bypass Isolation Transformers
  • Spare Parts Kits (Levels I, II, III)
  • Cascade Redundant Configurations
3-6KVA UPS Customized with Input
Line Cord and Output Receptacles
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