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UPS 101
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UPS Systems Inverters Static Switches Frequency and Phase Converters
3kVA to 6.25kVA
Single Phase Input / Single Phase Output
Series 1000 Harsh Environment UPS
harsh environment inverter
Other options include:
  • Ethernet Communications Kit (System Status / Alarms /
    Temperature / Humidity )
  • Internal Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Dual Input Kit for added redundancy
  • External rack or wall mounted bypass switch
  • PCB Conformal Coating
  • Drip Shield
  • Casters Wheels
  • Vibration Dampening Mounts
  • Digital meter panel
  • Form C Alarm Contacts
  • Frequency meter
  • Added Surge suppression
  • EPO Button
  • AC Output Breaker
  • DC Ground Fault Detector
  • Internal Battery Plant
  • Forward Transfer Configuration
  • Custom Alarms
  • ABS Certification Available
  • UL Certification
6.25kVA Model Shown
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Get the same reliable and versatile true online double conversion UPS
technology with extra ruggedness for harsher environments.   All
systems are designed and tested to operate continuously at higher 50
degree Celsius temperatures.  All systems include an automatic, no-break
internal static switch.  These systems come standard with a reuseable air
filter setup and a gasketed, all-steel powder coated enclosure.     
These UPS use discrete logic technology that allow the
systems to continue to operate in environments with
high levels of RFI and noise.  They are equipped with
floor mount channels to allow solid mounting for use on
a platform, rig, ship or seismic area. An industrial grade,
generator friendly, fast-recovery charger is standard.  
Common Input Voltages (50/60hz):
  • 110V
  • 115V
  • 120V
  • 208V
  • 220V
  • 230V
  • 240V
  • 480V
Common Output Voltages (50/60Hz):
  • 110V L-N
  • 115V L-N
  • 120V L-N
  • 220V L-N
  • 230V L-N
  • 240V L-N
  • 110/220V L-L-N
  • 115/230V L-L-N
  • 120/208V L-L-N
  • 120/240V L-L-N
  • 277/480V L-L-N
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