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Total UPS system reliability backed by dependable service
It’s been our philosophy from the beginning. For your LTI UPS installation, this means accessibility to a wide array of
services…ranging from complete power system design and installation…through UPS integration…to regular, on-going check-
up and preventive maintenance programs. At LTI, you’ll discover that we’re 100% behind you and your UPS  24/7.

Designing a Customized Power Solution -- After you provide us with your particular power needs, we will suggest a
UPS system that will fit your needs perfectly.  

Export Crating -- We do offer special packaging services to facilitate long distance or overseas shipments

Certification Testing -- If owner requirements call for additional certifications or testing we can accommodate and adapt to
make it happen.  This includes but is not limited to special UL or ETL Certification, ABS Certification, Stress Testing, Motion
Testing, Customer Witness Tests, Battery Runtime Testing, Seismic Testing, etc.  

Warranty -- Your LTI UPS is built tough and reliable-- We back it with a simple yet complete warranty. LTI will fix any defect
in manufacture or material up to 18 months from factory shipping date, or 12 months from on-site startup, whichever occurs
first. Also see the continued warranty information toward the bottom of this page.

We’ll Help With Installation
Once in place, we’ll certify the installation and document our inspection procedures with a detailed installation report. This
way you’re 100% sure that your LTI UPS is properly installed and fully operational in accordance with our physical planning
recommendations. In addition, you’ll also receive the unit’s instruction manual containing all needed operating instructions,
simple maintenance procedures, and complete schematic and wiring diagrams.

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Even though we’ve accumulated over 30 years of documented UPS reliability, the possibility of a malfunction always exists.
In this event, professional service consultation is only a phone call away. Just call our 24-hour service number and leave a
“call-back” message – any time. A knowledgeable, on-call LTI service engineer will respond promptly – usually within 15
minutes. With the engineer's assistance, you can evaluate your current situation and plan an immediate course of action.
Most often it’s possible to correct your problem through telephone consultation. LTI’s on-call telephone consultation service is
always available – without charge.

Priority Service Circuit Board Repair

Should a circuit board develop a fault, just remove it and air express it to us. One of our circuit board specialists will make the
repair and return the board…usually within 72 hours. To assure continuous UPS protection, we stock most printed circuit

Continued Warranty Protection Through Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

To assure your system’s longevity and continued fine performance, we recommend that you subscribe to one of our
scheduled maintenance and extended warranty programs. These offer substantial benefits:

  • Scheduled Inspection- A predetermined number of times per year our service engineers will inspect and test your
    UPS, make any needed repairs, and provide you with a written inspection report.
  • Dedicated Stockroom- You have immediate access to our spare parts stockroom. We maintain a quarter-million
    dollar inventory dedicated solely to service. In the great majority of instances, we have the part you
    need…regardless of your unit’s age.
  • Free Repairs- All repair costs – parts, labor, and associated expenses can be included with our Extended
    Warranty Programs.
  • Performance Enhancement- Performance-enhancing modifications made to our UPS design are automatically
    incorporated into your system when covered by one of our maintenance plans.
  • Your UPS History at our Fingertips-
    With our history log, service engineers have immediate and complete access to your UPS’ history.  This includes
    service records, maintenance visits, and applicable design and construction changes. We also maintain a library of
    all unit instruction manuals that assist us in both maintenance consultation and repair.
Providing Uninterruptible Power for:
Industrial - Petrochemical - Communications - Emergency Services - Utilities - Banks - Data Centers - Hospitals - Phone Systems -
Chemical Processes - Computers - Pulp and Paper - Tire - Glass - Textile - Distributive Central Systems - Lighting - Automotive
Manufacturing - Oil and Gas Pipeline Controls - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - and more…
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UPS 101
About Us
In-Depth Hands-on Training – Your Place or Ours

Once on-line, it’s important that your LTI UPS receives
periodic maintenance checks to assure continued, and
reliable performance. To make this easier, we offer
operator training. For a flat fee, up to six of your
employees will receive intensive operating and
maintenance training. Here they will learn UPS theory and
system design, along with easy maintenance and
troubleshooting methods.

To reinforce the training program, all students receive a
special maintenance and training guide. This includes
service oriented, quick reference schematic diagrams and
prints, along with a detailed cross-reference
troubleshooting guide, periodic maintenance checklist, and
service tips. Thus, your operating personnel will be able to
perform routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and simple
UPS repair.
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