Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS), Industrial Inverters, Rectifiers, Static Switches,
Frequency Converters, Maintenance Bypass Switches
, Voltage Regulating Transformers and Batteries

LTI is an Ohio based organization of power professionals committed to total customer satisfaction and
power protection management. We are renowned for manufacturing only the highest quality UPS and
Inverter backup power systems. Click
HERE to learn more about our notable UPS features.
Providing Uninterruptible Power for:
Industrial - Petrochemical - Communications - Emergency Services - Utilities - Banks - Data Centers - Hospitals - Phone Systems -
Chemical Processes - Computers - Pulp and Paper - Tire - Glass - Textile - Distributive Central Systems - Lighting - Security - Oil and Gas
Pipeline Controls - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Drilling Control Systems
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Superior performance and craftsmanship in each of our UPS and Inverters can be attributed to our team
of knowledgeable and skilled employees.  Every UPS and Inverter system is individually inspected,
rigorously tested and burned-in for 24 hours before being certified for shipment. This high level of quality
control assures our customers many years of reliable service.

We look forward to customizing a Power Protection Solution for you

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